VW to reveal Tesla-rivalling EV

Volkswagen has confirmed it will debut a new electric vehicle at next month’s Paris Motor Show.

The German manufacturer recently announced plans to build up to three million all-electric cars a year by 2025, and it expects to have 30 new electric models by the same date. This is in response to last year’s Dieselgate scandal, which has forced VW to change public perception of the brand.

News of this imminent reveal comes from an interview with VW CEO Herbert Diess in German magazine Wirtschafts Woche. He confirmed the car’s reveal date as well as a few vital statistics.

Diess claims that the car will be the size of a Golf with the luggage capacity of a Passat and boasting a range of 400 to 600 kilometres (248 to 372 miles).

Achieving 300 miles on a charge would see it going head-to-head with the incoming Tesla Model 3. However, the American manufacturer has a history of missing delivery targets, so VW will no doubt be hoping it can get its car into dealerships first.

VW is creating a new platform for its electric cars, which will be known as MEB. It debuted on the Budd-E concept, pictured, and is built for EVs from the ground up. That means it can offer a flat-floor and optimised battery storage space.

Interestingly, when it comes to making batteries, VW is facing a similar problem to Tesla. The American manufacturer is building a huge factory in the desert in Arizona to build batteries, since global production wouldn’t meet its needs. Diess revealed that VW is also being forced to bring battery production in-house.

The new electric car revealed at the Paris motor show will be a concept, but Diess says it will be close to the final production model.

Jack Evans


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August 18, 2016

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