Video: The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

November 12, 2013 | By | In News

As urban roads become more crowded, and cycling is increasingly seen as a way around the gridlock, bikes and cars are coming into closer and closer contact with each other.

The result is inevitable: more and more people are becoming involved in cycling accidents on Britain’s roads.

2012 saw a five-year high in the number of cycling deaths in the UK, and year-on-year injuries are also on the up.

However, some cyclists still find the idea of wearing a helmet unappealing.

Discomfort is the main complaint, while the unsightliness of the standard hard cycling helmet is also a factor.

But now two inventors from Sweden have come up with the ultimate solution: the H?vding, or Chieftain, invisible cycling helmet.

Think of it as an airbag for your head. It’s worn as a collar, which can be disguised as a scarf, with a variety of different designs of sleeve available.

But when it senses an impact, the H?vding explodes into action, forming an inflatable cushion around the cyclist’s head that protects it from impacts.

The airbag is made from a hard-wearing nylon that’s resistant to tears, and it’s designed to offer support and cushioning in all of the crucial areas while maintaining a forward field of vision.

It stays inflated for several seconds, ensuring that the cyclist is protected from multiple impacts.

Clever stuff, but it comes at a price – 399 euros, to be precise, or around £335.

That said, if you’re a cyclist and you want the protection of a helmet without the downsides, it’s probably the best solution yet.

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