Video: The Formula 1 car wash

June 6, 2014 | By | In News, Video

Washing your car, it’s fair to say, is a rather tedious and thankless task. While there are some who take great pleasure writing off a Sunday meticulously cleaning and polishing their pride and joy, for most it’s a necessary evil, best taken car of at the local car wash.

For drivers visiting a certain London forecourt recently, the car washing experience got an injection of motorsport freneticism, with the usual grubby spinning brushes replaced with a Formula 1 pit crew.

Created as a viral advert for Mobil 1 car oil, the stunt sees cars cleaned inside and out in record time, with the bolt guns and jacks normally used by pit mechanics replaced with sponges and vacuum cleaners, while their owners relax in the company of the obligatory glamorous grid girls.

There’s even a cameo appearance from McLaren driver Jenson Button, who turns up in his company wheels and employs his limited acting skills to convince us that he has to endure the tedium of the car wash just like the rest of us.

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