Car manufacturers go to the ends of the earth to test the durability and reliability of their latest models. Whether it’s cold weather testing in the Arctic Circle or endlessly lapping far-flung racetracks, the extreme development process ensures your new car will give you years of faultless service.

Hyundai do things a little differently in an attempt to prove their cars’ robustness, having previously subjected an i30 hatchback to the hands of the windscreen-wiper munching monkeys at Knowsley Safari Park. The car came away unscathed.

While impressive, those with children will know that it takes a special sort of car to cope with the rigours of family life. To prove its worth on the school run, Hyundai has come up with an even tougher challenge for its plucky i30.

Dropping the estate version (the i30 Tourer) outside a primary school, the Korean manufacturer invited 25 4-10 year olds to conduct a series of quality tests on it.

Six hours later, and having been subjected to kids bouncing up and down on the seats in muddy wellies, spilling drinks and food, bashing buttons and hitting the bodywork with drumsticks, the car was cleaned and inspected for lasting damage.

With nothing broken and the paintwork coming up nearly as new, Hyundai certainly proved the car’s worth as an everyday family workhorse.

Tyreece Carey, a five year old reception pupil from Holmer Green First School said: "It was really good fun playing all over the car. My favourite part was getting really messy with my muddy wellies. And I enjoyed making sandcastles in the boot. Mrs McClelland said I could only do this today and that I mustn’t do it in Mummy or Daddy’s car.”

Click play below to watch this impressive display of resilience in action.

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Daljinder Nagra


July 8, 2013

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