Video: Flash cars, foolish drivers

May 14, 2013 | By | In News

Recently we brought you our round-up of the most calamitous celebrity supercar prangs. Well, in the interests of fairness we must stress that it isn’t just Hollywood A-listers and Premier League footballers that can’t keep control of their expensive motors. As the video below shows it seems even normal (albeit well-heeled) car enthusiasts are continually coming a cropper behind the wheel.

From losing control on an arrow-straight road and crashing a £1million Bugatti into a lake, or setting fire to the clutch attempting to do a burnout in a Corvette, this compilation showcases the worst supercar abuse at the hands of inexperienced, gung-ho and in some cases downright silly drivers.  

It isn’t all supercars – one catastrophic cowboy managed to sneak footage of his overpowered pickup truck in there, which he writes-off to spectacular effect. It just goes to show, powerful motors don't suffer fools gladly and need treating with respect.

?Warning: Video contains some strong language.

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