Video: Nissan creates car tech-inspired desk

May 12, 2015 | By | In News, Video

Japanese car company Nissan may be known for creating bland hatchbacks and contemporary compact off-roaders, but it’s now turned its hand to office design.

Taking inspiration from the Nissan Qashqai’s in-car tech, Nissan has seen fit to spec out an office desk with the same high-tech gear in a video that looks like it should have been published on April 1.

The Nissan desk not only features the company’s around view monitor, which shows a bird’s eye view of the desk, but also includes moving object detection that alerts people to approaching colleagues and driver attention alert that warns occupants when they start to appear drowsy.

Throw all of these together and what you get is a smart desk that can give you a heads up when colleagues are approaching, let you know when a fresh batch of coffee is on the way and alert workers should they start to fall asleep.

Picture: Nissan

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