Valet parking was once really only a US phenomenon, but it's slowly making its way around the world, and is offered by posher establishments in the UK for those simply too lazy to park their own car.

For those not au fait with the concept of valet parking, the premise is simple: you roll up to your chosen restaurant/hotel/nightclub, hand the keys to your pride and joy to a total stranger and simply walk in without having to drive around looking for a space.

Its popularity is on the rise, though users of valet parking may think again after watching the following footage from the CCTV system of an exclusive Delhi hotel.

The film captures the moment a valet parker loses control of a high-powered Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, the keys to which had been handed to him just moments before by the car’s trusting owner.

Ploughing through the cars in front of him (luckily missing any pedestrians), the bungling valet attendant ends up stuffing the exotic Italian supercar into a concrete wall.

There’s currently no word on the cost of the damage done, but there’s no doubt there’ll be some legal wrangling ahead between the hotel and the car’s unlucky owner.

Click play below to see the accident as it happened.

Daljinder Nagra


July 11, 2014

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