Vacuum brake could show future of car safety

June 16, 2015 | By | In News, Video

Every new car announced seems to have some form of brand new automatic braking system, but researchers in Sweden are focusing on the mechanics of how to make cars to stop even more quickly instead.

With tyres being the only contact cars have with the road surface, getting a vehicle to stop more quickly normally involves fitting bigger brakes or heavy duty brake pads. However, Swedish company Autovil has taken a different approach, by installing a vacuum brake, which fits underneath the car and deploys a brake pad directly onto the road surface itself to bring the car to a halt.

With this system installed, the company claims that stopping distances are slashed by 40 per cent – potentially preventing collisions from happening at all. Usable at speeds of up to 40mph – and working on dry, wet and icy surfaces – Autovil’s vacuum brake connects to vehicle’s pre existing automatic braking systems, coming into action when the car senses an impending crash.

Watch the prototype in action for yourself, in the video above.

                Picture: YouTube / Hkaar Autoliv

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