Uninsured drivers now cost those who keep within the law a painful £50 per policy a year. Research from the Co-operative Insurance shows that the equivalent of one day’s cover per week from a typical policy now goes to funding the cost of claims involving the uninsured. Drivers without any or enough cover kill or injure 23,000 people in a year and this cost is borne largely by those who pay for proper insurance.

The payout tots up to a staggering £1.25 billion. Many of those involved are young drivers and the Co-op estimates that as many as one in four newcomers to the road drive illegally without either insurance, a valid MoT certificate for their vehicle or a driving licence.

The Co-op is working with road safety charity Brake to convince young drivers of their obligations under the law. ‘Personal responsibility is at the heart of this issue,’ says Tim Franklin, chief operating officer of the Co-operative Financial Services. ‘If you are an uninsured driver you need to think about the consequences of your actions and then purchase insurance.’

And Mr Franklin wants us to report drivers who we know to be uninsured. ‘The majority of peo[p[le would report benefit cheats so why not insurance cheats, too,’ he said.

If caught, uninsured drivers face having their vehicles seized, receiving a £200 fixed penalty plus six points on their licence. And if the vehicle isn't insured within a stipulated time, it could be sold or crushed.

Stephen Jury


August 31, 2010

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