Try a new radio show for your commute

August 4, 2011 | By | In News

Are you fed up of your radio station? It’s pretty easy to fall into the habit of listening to the same shows on the daily commute. With the heat of the summer as well, the journey to and from work will probably feel all the more tiresome.

To help you through, we thought we’d make a few suggestions of morning and afternoon shows you might not have tried. So, as much as you might love (or hate) Chris Moyles/Evans, give one or two of these a try over the few days. You might well be surprised!

Breakfast Radio Shows

Christian O’Connell – Absolute Radio

Christian’s been on Absolute for a good few years now – think of him as a slightly slimmer, and probably slightly funnier Chris Moyles. Plenty of banter, competitions, and one of those great voices for radio. The music is a bit more ‘indie’ than Radio 1, and there are plenty of classics from the 90s and beyond.

Mark Forrest – Classic FM

A lot of us turn up our noses at classical music, but if you’re feeling a bit wound up for whatever reason, it’s well worth a try to calm you down for 20 minutes or so. Good for news updates too if you need your morning fix!

Shaun Keaveny – BBC 6Music

If you’re lucky enough to have a digital radio in the car, Shaun Keaveny is full of Northern wit and his show is packed with the best in new and underground music. He may sound exactly like Vernon Kay, but we think he is funnier!

Drivetime Radio Shows

Adrian Durham and Darren Gough – talkSPORT

The new football season is fast approaching, so if you need a daily dose of sports news, views and gossip, this is the place to get it. Hosted by the ever-opinionated Adrian Durham and cricketing legend Darren Gough, you’re sure to find expert opinion on the latest in all sports.

Geoff Lloyd – Absolute Radio

Another Absolute favourite, Geoff moved from the breakfast show when Christian O’Connell arrived. With his trusty sidekick Annabel and her ‘All-star Postbag’, off-the-wall chat and the usual good tunes are guaranteed.

Tim Westwood – 1xtra

Again for those with a digital radio, this may seem a bizarre choice to many, but is worth a go. If you’re into urban music, Westwood is the top ‘dawg’, and if you’re not, then he is definitely worth it anyway for comedy value!

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