Triple-deck junction to ease Tyneside traffic

Highways England has revealed plans to build a triple-decker roundabout to ease congestion through one of Tyneside’s busiest commuter routes.

The junction between the A19 and A1058 is set to be overhauled, with the creation of an underpass below the existing roundabout.

The area has been pinpointed as a traffic congestion hotspot as it feeds the Tyne Tunnel, which is used by thousands of motorists every day.

The Highways Agency intends to build an underpass to divert the A19 beneath the current junction, while the A1058 Coast Road passes above it.

This should mean that cross traffic remains free-flowing, with the roundabout only dealing with traffic that needs to change direction or enter the nearby retail park.

Darlene Procter, assistant project manager for Highways England, said: "This scheme will improve journey times on the A19 by reducing congestion and improving safety for the thousands of drivers that use this junction each day."

Construction work is expected to begin next month and will take two years to complete. A 30mph speed limit will be imposed on both roads, while the A19 will also get narrow lanes during construction.

It is also hoped that transforming the junction will make it safer. Currently, it has an accident rate that is higher than the national average. Pedestrian and cycle safety have also been addressed with the addition of two footbridges across the A1058.

The £75 million project is part of essential works to increase road capacity. The number of miles driven on British roads reached almost 318 billion last year, an increase of 7 billion over 2014.

Jack Evans


After completing his university studies in English and Creative Writing in Cardiff, Jack is now a full time motoring writer at Blackball Media. His love of cars stems from his childhood years when he began to live and breathe all-things automotive.

July 5, 2016

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