Traffic enforcement camera blasted after raising council £100,000 per week

A traffic enforcement camera in East London has been slammed by drivers after it emerged it had raised the local council almost £900,000 in just two months.

Hackney Council has come under fire after it installed a camera to deter drivers from making an illegal left turn, which was introduced in June.

The left turn off Mare Street, Hackney, onto Richmond Road was made illegal in a bid to reduce pollution outside a nearby primary school between the hours of 7am and 10am, and 3pm and 7pm.

As of August 10, just under 14,000 fines had been given out by the council at a price of £65 each – raising the council £898,235 in a nine week period – according to the Hackney Gazette. This works out as £14,000 a day, with several videos shared on social media showing lines of cars all turning down the street.

But drivers have blasted the council for the move, with many locals taking to Twitter to vent their anger. One user said there was “no evidence of signage”.

RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said: “While some drivers will knowingly ignore streets signs like this, the vast majority wouldn’t do so intentionally.

“The number of fines being given to drivers at this junction suggests something is wrong – and it might well be that the sheer amount of signage and a difficult road layout is to blame.”

Despite the backlash, Hackney Council told the Gazette that the signage met Department for Transport requirements, although it’s now implemented further signage to ensure drivers comply with the measures.

It told the newspaper: “While it is the responsibility of drivers to read this signage and adhere to the road closures, we will of course listen to where a driver feels that a fine has been issued unfairly or received multiple fines during a short period.”

Ted Welford


August 23, 2018

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