Top tips for safe storm driving revealed

February 10, 2016 | By | In News

The Institute of Advanced Motorists has reacted to the concerns highlighted by Storm Imogen, as powerful winds and torrential showers batter the UK’s road network.

IAM has comprised a list of useful and in extreme cases potentially life-saving tips on driving in stormy conditions. We have outlined its advice below, summarising the invaluable recommendations about driving in difficult situations.

To kick off fairly simply, if at all possible, don’t drive if you think conditions aren’t safe. Presented with the choice, you should always wait and keep a watchful eye on local weather reports as well as on conditions outside before venturing out.

If you’re caught in a storm while on the move, you have to make do. In gusty conditions a firm grip on the wheel and a keen awareness of your car’s stability are essential. You need to remain in absolute control in conditions where the car could potentially be unsettled.

Gaps between buildings and larger vehicles can both channel strong air currents, so caution is advised when passing either. Keep an eye on trees too, both to avoid them if they look threateningly unstable and as an indication of the wind’s direction.

Keep speeds down so that any obstacles can be spotted well before you hit them, giving you time to navigate around if necessary. Adverse conditions require keen reactions and the slower you’re going the more time you give yourself to react.

It cannot be stressed enough that in the most ideal situation, travel should be avoided until conditions have calmed.

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