Top Five Vintage Cars

November 22, 2011 | By | In News

In our opinion, no amount of elevated engine power or leather seats with an optional massage can compensate for the sheer timeless beauty of a vintage motor. Classic, chic and worldly-wise, the round-up of our best vintage cars will have you hearkening back to the good old days.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also scratched our heads and have produced a ‘modern day equivalent’ (as far as possible) to these old beauties…

1. 1927 Ford Model T

Vintage Angel: Generally viewed as the car that ‘put the world on wheels’, we had to slip in a reference to the great 1927 Ford Model T (or Tin Lizzie, as it was affectionately known). We feel like digging out our old Bugsy Malone videos…

Modern Follower: Now this doesn’t quite have us channelling our inner 1920’s gangster, but the modern day equivalent of motoring’s original shining light for the masses has to stick within the same family. So, we’ve opted for a Ford Focus, available from £7,200.

2. 1967 Ford Mustang

Vintage Angel: Motoring’s personification of a flexing muscle man; the 1967 Ford Mustang stood for everything masculine, American and high speed.

This stunning example of machinery incited numerous car races and songs about women named Sally who needed to slow their Mustang down…

Modern Motor: Not that the more modern versions can quite compare in our opinion, but there are some very amiable equivalents to this car; namely the 3.3 Coupe 5 Speed Left Hand Drive, available used from £9,495 here.

3. 1975 BMW 2002

Vintage Angel: This may well have been one of the most expensive cars on the market when launched over thirty years ago; however this 1975 Beamer can be purchased for slightly better value these days.

If you’re looking for a vintage motor cooler than a cucumber, you’ve found your match!

Modern Motor: Sporty, spritely and stylish, we’d opt for a BMW M3 SMG if you’re looking for a slice of 70’s action.

Available used from £15,950 here.

4. 1962 MGB

Vintage Angel: We couldn’t have a round up of classic cars without featuring the beautiful 1962 MGB.

A great way to have good old fashioned English country fun and you can easily purchase every single part of this car brand new.

Modern Motor: If you’re after a modern take on English country life, why not opt for a Mercedes Benz C Class, available used from £6,695.

5. 1981 De Lorean DMC-12

Vintage Angel: We’re huge Back To The Future fans here at Motors towers, and nothing epitomises ‘classic’ and ‘latter part of the 20th century’ more than the beloved De Lorean.

It has been both to the future AND the past, you know!

Modern Motor: If you’re trying to channel ‘futuristic’ and ‘funky’, we’d go for a Japanese make, perhaps a Nissan. We’ll put our finger in the air and opt for a Nissan Skyline, in all its bad boy racer glory. Available used from £4,990 here.

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