Top five Jeremy Clarkson gaffes

September 30, 2011 | By | In News

TV's 'Mr Motoring' has certainly risen a fair few eyebrows in his time, passing disparaging remarks on everything from politics to certain niches of drivers *cough, lorry drivers, cough*. From the amusing to the downright bizarre, we take a look at his top five foot in mouth moments.

The Welsh language should be abolished (2011)

Lets start with the most recent. Only a few weeks back, Mr Clarkson found himself in hot water after describing Welsh as an “appalling and moribound monkey language” in a Daily Mail book review, calling for it to be abolished. Weekend break to the valleys out of the question then, Jeremy?

South Korean Spaniels (1998)

And now, we'll hearken back to one of his first. Clarkson ignited his reputation as motoring's Prince Phillip by suggesting that the designers of South Korean company Hyundai had “probably eaten a spaniel for lunch” at the Birmingham Motor Show. Bless.

Lorry Drivers (2008)

Probably one of his most notorious slip ups (and probably very intentional), Jeremy inspired floods of Ofcom complaints when he suggested on a Top Gear episode that lorry drivers are partial to a spot of prostitute murder. Despite the outrage it caused, he managed to sail off into the sunset with a mock apology.

Mexicans (2011)

A joint effort from the Hammond and Clarkson team yes, but it simply has to have a place on this list. The Top Gear twosome went some way to damaging Britain's international relations output by suggesting that Mexicans are “lazy” and “flatulent”, topping it off with a slight on the country's ambassador. The said ambassador certainly didn't see the funny side.

Gordon Brown (2009)

Clarkson's outburst that the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown was a “one-eyed Scottish idiot” was naturally met with a great deal of disdain from the British public. Tellingly, Jeremy only seemed to apologise for the “one eyed” part.

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