Tokyo Motor Show’s Maddest Motors

November 20, 2013 | By | In News

We like to bring you something a bit different here on, so while most journalists at the Tokyo Motor Show were sweating in the main halls we went in search of the mad stuff elsewhere.

The Japanese show is held every other year which gives the world’s car designers plenty of time to think of something truly unhinged to shock the crowds. In the halls above the main show they display their visions of the future – and we couldn’t resist taking a look. Here are 10 of the maddest we uncovered.

1. Durax D-Face

It’s one of the coolest concept cars at the show, but it was hidden away from most show goers! That’s a huge shame as the Durax D-Face has a front door like a BMW Isetta, is powered by electricity (aren’t they all?) and has a range of 150km. Very cool.

2. Toyota Winglet

The Segway is dead, long live the Winglet! Ok, we may have written off the Segway a bit early, but this is Toyota’s take on moving people around by making them stand on a board and bending. It’ll do 4km on a charge and has a max speed of 6kph.

3. EcoCarry

It’s the love child of an elaborate bike and a pizza delivery boy’s scooter – meet the EcoCarry that could be delivering a takeaway to a door near you very soon. With a top speed of 50kph, it’ll do 40km on a 2.5 hour charge. And it’s even got a roof!

4. Toyota Ha:Mo

It looks like something that’s usually attached to a rail at a theme park, but this is (one of) Toyota’s visions for future mobility. It has built in sat nav to guides users around jams, is powered by electricity and is part of the Ha:Mo car-sharing scheme being piloted in Japan.

5. Ikeya Formula

Well, this is more like it! While most firms were showcasing EV people pods, this firm debuted a mental road racer. It’s fully road legal, features a 320bhp 2.0-litre Honda engine and is slated for limited production. There’s no word on pricing though.

6. Terra 3-Wheeler

Don’t adjust your Terra-vision sets (sorry), this is what the future looks like – a three-wheeled, part bike, part rickshaw, part people carrier. Possibly. Terra is Japan’s biggest EV maker; this model has a 100km range and recharges in eight hours.

7. ZieD a1

If it looks like a wheelchair with a bike attached to its rear-end, that’s because it is! Designed to be the world’s lightest EV, the ZieD is supposed to transport two people 20kms at speeds up to 25kph. Looks like a Jeremy Clarkson creation to us…

8. Kobot charging station

This clever piece of kit is less about the car and more about the shelter. It’s made from solar panels that can be used to charge the car in less than six hours. It has its own battery pack too so can store juice ready for when you need to use it. Smart.

9. Toyota i-ROAD

It leans like a motorbike, but keeps rider and passenger warm in a cocoon-like cabin. It’s supposed to offer the comfort of a car and, with its slim dimensions, the convenience of a motorbike. We think it’s very smart and are pleased to hear it’ll be used in car sharing tests next year.

10. ACN Personal Mobility Vehicle

Designed by a university professor, this is what mobility for pensioners could look like in the future. Drivers are supposed to ride it standing up (not good for those old knees), it’ll do 30kms on a charge and an on-board tablet computer can detect when a crash is imminent and help take avoiding action.

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