A US restaurant owner had her car stolen last week, only for it to be returned days later sporting a few modifications.

Becky Schoenig’s Ford Fusion was stolen from the driveway of her home in St Louis, Missouri on March 30. Just two days later, on April 1 no less, police informed her that the car had been located and would be returned to her that day, featuring some changes.

This was no April Fool’s joke, though. The car was returned with red spray-painted rims, red body detailing and orange accents on the steering wheel, after it was tracked down following a tip-off from a man who recognised the vehicle as Ms Shoenig’s.

Upon the return of the Ford Fusion, which she had owned for just over one month, the surprised mother took to Facebook to thank the thieves for the changes they had made to the car.

She wrote: “I want to thanks the car thieves for pimping out my vehicle for me…. This b***h is pimpin now!!!”

Speaking to after the incident, Schoenig said it is not all “lollipops and rainbows” however, as the car needs to be professionally cleaned due to a strong smell of cigarettes and marijuana.

She is also adding a new smoothie to the menu at her restaurant, The Hot Pot, to thank Mark Sexton, the man informed the police of her car’s location.

Picture: Facebook/Becky Schoenig

Daljinder Nagra


April 7, 2015

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