The strangest UK motoring laws!

June 21, 2011 | By | In News

British motorists are a hard-done-by bunch. Fuel costs a small fortune, the roads are falling apart and the motorway network is a perpetual pile-up. Well, folks, I have bad news. Things are getting worse…

It is illegal to drive a cow while drunk. Shocking, I know. Not only is the government failing to help us out with the cost of filling up, it is also infringing on essential highway rights! Sometimes you just have to moo-ve from A to B, you know? (sorry!)

A little more seriously, in these tough times for the average British motorist, we thought we’d cheer you up with some of our favourite odd British driving laws which are somehow still on the statute books. Do you know of any other crazy regulations?

Law 1: Alcho-cow…

According to piece of legislation from 1872, operating a cow (or indeed a horse) while under the effects of alcohol is punishable with a fine. Still, that’s probably cheaper than petrol!

Law 2: Taxis must not carry rabid dogs…

If your favourite family pet has come down with a worrying case of foaming mouth, you’d better not call a cab. It’s illegal for a paid-for hire vehicle to carry a rabid dog, so you’ll have to drive Rex yourself. Incidentally, it’s also illegal for a cab to carry a human corpse (not sure how many laws have to be broken before you’d get pulled up for this one though!)

Law 3: What a relief!

Caught short? We’ve all been there – public facilities can be hard to come by on the roads. Well, good news – any car owner feeling compelled to urinate in public can do so, so long as they aim the torrent at the rear wheel, whilst keeping their right hand on the car. Now that is obscure (and a bit gross!)

Law 4: Sheep and geese don’t pay the congestion charge

It’s pretty expensive to drive in central London these days. Animal enthusiasts will therefore be delighted to know that Freemen are permitted to take a flock of sheep across London Bridge without being charged a toll. Oh, and geese driven down Cheapside are also exempted. Terrible inconsistency Boris!

Law 5: Don’t forget your keys!

Leaving your keys in your car is a thief’s dream, and your worst nightmare. Well it could get even worse – leaving keys in an unattended vehicle is also an illegal offence. As if to add insult to injury!

Law 6: Life in plastic, it’s not fantastic

Barbie enthusiasts beware. As Paul ‘Hey Ken’ Hutton found in 2010, it is indeed illegal to take a toy Barbie car onto the roads. Paul’s motor could only hit 4mph, and he was found to be over the alcohol limit. Still, at least he hadn’t taken the cow out that day…

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