The five most striking celebrity cars

July 3, 2015 | By | In News, Video

It’s time to take a spin in some of the world’s most expensive and striking cars – if you are a celebrity, that is. 

But, fame and fortune does not necessarily go hand in hand with good taste.

In fact, you could argue the opposite based on some of the horror stories in our list below –’s top five striking celebrity cars! 

Katie Price, aka Jordan, the former glamour model and TV personality, was as much known for her pink Range Rover as her relationship antics. But, when she tried to put the car – with its customised number plate, KP11 HOT – up for sale in early 2013, the demand just wasn’t there. 

Dropping the price from £100,000 to £70,000 and again to £60,000 a year later, there just weren’t that many people out there looking for a diamond-encrusted clock, quilted seats and, of course, the Barbie pink exterior. We wonder why?! 

Of course, Katie P had obviously not come across Paris Hilton, whose bubble-gum baby pink Bentley Continental GT certainly divided opinion when she bought it six years ago. But, even with a Lexus, Rolls Royce and numerous other models now taking up space in the garage, Paris can still be seen driving round the streets of LA with her pink Bentley and collection of handbag dogs.   

In early 2014, rapper Deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) gave his Ferrari 458 a striking Nyan Cat wrap. But the ‘Purrari’ as it became known didn’t last long after Ferrari threatened the superstar with legal action. Of course, the winner of the whole furore was Nissan, who made Deadmau5 a customised GT-R to replace the Ferrari he was forced to give up.  

When it comes to the most expensive celebrity crashes, Mr Bean actor Rowan Atkinson is probably up there with the best of them. Not only did he crash his McLaren F1 in a high profile accident in 1999, but the repaired model had to be restored again after another crash in 2011. The latest shunt cost nearly £1m to repair, making it one of the UK’s most expensive ever insurance claims. It doesn’t seem to have dented the resale value though, as the actor sold the car in June for almost £8m – a £7m profit. 

You certainly wouldn’t argue that teen pop star Justin Bieber always made the best choices and his leopard print wrap for an Audi R8 probably ranks with some of the worst of them! Although he has now reverted to a matte black finish, the leopard print certainly gave a distinctive look for a while. And Bieber couldn’t let go completely, leaving leopard print on the interior seats and door panels.  

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