The DeLorean comes back to the future

October 13, 2015 | By | In News, Video

The star car of one of the most popular 1980s movie franchises is making a return.

That’s right, the beloved DeLorean of Back to the Future, starring Michael J Fox, has been rescued from a rusty fate and restored to its former glory.

It may be one of the most iconic cars in cinema history but the original DeLorean, posing as the Time Machine during the production of the film trilogy, was left to rust away in a lonely backlot of Universal Studios.

Ironically, time was not on the Time Machine’s side, and its future looked bleak. As it slowly began to deteriorate, it looked as though it was destined for the scrapyard – or at least as a broken collage on bedroom walls as fans sneaked in to steal parts.

Back to the Future writer Bob Gale wasn’t going to let the world’s iconic DeLorean vanish from existence. However, instead, he arranged for a restoration team to save the heavy chunk of metal and bring the flux capacitor back to life.

Gale hired Jo Wasler to assemble the biggest team of Back to the Future fans. It took them two years to get the DeLorean back to its original state, and they’re now regarded as the best Time Machine builders in the world.

According to the Universal Studios campaign page, it was brought back to life by “fans with the knowledge, passion and the obsessive attention to detail that the Time Machine deserved!"

Together, they had one goal "to restore the car with 100 per cent accuracy. Every wire. Every detail. Exactly like it was in the movie.”

To celebrate the return of the DeLorean, the team’s hard work has been captured on camera and pieced together in new documentary, Outatime.

Directed by Steve Concotelli, the short film started with a Kickstarter campaign for a feature-length documentary about the restoration project, which is still being worked on.

Until then, fans who pick up a copy of the Back to the Future 30th anniversary box set, coming on October 20th, can enjoy a mini 20-minute show, featuring the Doc.

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