Tell Ford “I’m hungry”, it’ll find you a meal

September 9, 2014 | By | In News

Technology is forever getting cleverer and the latest Ford Focus’s “SYNC 2” in-car media system will find you a restaurant if you simply tell it “I’m hungry”. This high-tech new model features a number of voice controls that let you use the sat nav without having to take your hands from the wheel.

The new media system lets drivers operate phone, entertainment, air conditioning and sat nav systems with natural language voice commands. This updated set-up makes it easy to search for local restaurants, choose which to go for with Michelin guide information, phone to book a table and get directions there.

Entering addresses for the sat nav has also been simplified and you can say the full address at once while for points of interest you don’t even need an address; just basic commands, such as “Eiffel Tower”, are enough for the car to calculate your route – with landmarks and major junctions displayed in 3D onscreen.

We have developed SYNC 2 so it is simple and intuitive for drivers to use, and it seamlessly switches between touchscreen and voice commands.

The Focus has a new eight-inch touchscreen too along with a simplified dashboard, which answers criticism levelled at the previous model’s interior for being cluttered with buttons.

“We have developed SYNC 2 so it is simple and intuitive for drivers to use, and it seamlessly switches between touch screen and voice commands,” said Christof Kellerwessel, chief engineer, Electronic and Electrical Systems Engineering, Ford of Europe.

“Drivers will be able to control more in-car systems than ever before, while keeping their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.

“If you’re hot, say 'Max AC' to cool down quickly, or be more specific by saying 'Temperature 20 degrees'.

Audio controls have also been pared down. Connect your phone or iPod and you can tell the car to play music by any artist or pick a particular song if desired.

This system additionally features Ford’s emergency assistance capability which connects the car to local emergency services, should you have an accident. SYNC 2 makes its debut in the new Ford Focus and will also be introduced on the new Mondeo later this year.

Picture: Ford

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