Survey exposes car-cleaning gender divide

May 15, 2013 | By | In News

The battle of the sexes rages at home, at work and even, apparently, at the car wash.

Because when it comes to cleaning cars, men and women have very different ideas as to what should take priority.

When men take to the task of cleaning their dirty car, they head straight to the bucket and sponge to tackle the car's exterior. Women however are far more likely to ignore the outside and instead dive inside with a hoover.

The mucky-motor gender divide was exposed in a recent poll by high street retailer Halfords. However, the company wasn’t brave enough to suggest what this new information may tell us about the differences between men and women.

According to the poll, men are far more concerned with a car's bodywork than the interior, as although 26 per cent of men clean the metalwork at least once a fortnight, only 6 per cent clean the inside of the car as often.

But grubby interiors crying out for a spruce up may be even more prevalent than it seems, as seven out of ten men surveyed vacuum their car only twice a year, with as many as one in six having never cleaned the inside of their car at all.

Women are far more likely to give the inside some attention, with over half of the female respondents taking a vacuum to the inside of their car at least four times a year.

That contrasts with the one in six women who are willing to wash the outside of their car as frequently.

Teamwork might be the answer, however, as David Howells of Halfords stated.

"We also found that men are far more likely to wash the outside of their partners’ cars, or help them do so.

"Women, on the other hand, are happier helping to clean the inside of their partners’ vehicle than the exterior. So a team effort is likely to result in the cleanest car both inside and out.

"When it comes to wielding a hose-pipe or power-washer, men are happy to stand up and be counted but they are more reticent when it comes to using a Hoover."

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