Shocking: Crash driver headbutts traffic

November 13, 2013 | By | In News, Video

A dramatic video has captured a bizarre incident in Western Australia, in which a driver got out of his car and started head-butting other vehicles in a traffic queue.

It seems the driver, who hasn’t been named, crashed his car into another vehicle that was parked up unattended on the hard shoulder of the Kwinana Freeway, south of Perth.

But rather than staying with his car or leaving details for the other driver, he jumped out and started running around in the rush-hour traffic queue that had built up.

The footage, captured from an in-car dash cam, shows him then clambering on top of a passing car, before attempting to leap from there to the roof of another vehicle.

However, he falls short, smashing his head on one of the car’s doors in the process.

After running across the carriageway, he lowers his head and charges at a passing van, the force of the impact knocking him to the floor.

But he stands up again and runs off through the traffic, pausing only to try and head-butt another car as it passes.

Meanwhile, frightened motorists put the pedal to the metal in an attempt to distance themselves from the crazed man.

Police say that they later caught up with the man and arrested him, taking him straight to Fremantle Hospital to assess his physical and mental state.

As yet, they have released no information on the possible cause of the incident, but a police spokesperson added that they were making enquiries as to whether any substance misuse might have been to blame.

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