Self-driving Audi completes 560-mile journey

January 7, 2015 | By | In News, Video

We’ve already seen a self-driving Audi tear around the Hockenheim F1 circuit at full speed, but now Audi has put its autonomous A7 to an even bigger test by letting it loose on public roads. The A7 ‘piloted driving’ concept has made a 560-mile journey across the US from California’s Silicon Valley to the Las Vegas ‘CES’ consumer electronics show, for much of which it drove itself.

The car, nicknamed ‘Jack’, is able to negotiate traffic on ‘autopilot’, using laser and radar systems along with a brace of cameras that scan the road all around it. This machine can travel independently at speeds of up to 70mph and can even initiate lane changes, matching its speed to the cars around it. Jack can also brake for itself and make overtaking manouevres to negotiate slow traffic ahead.

Though Audi already fits a number of urban safety systems to its cars, Jack is currently set up to prompt those in the driver’s seat to take back control when approaching urban environments. Showcasing its autonomous A7 this week, Audi has giving members of the public a ride sat in the driver’s seat, accompanied by an Audi test driver monitoring everything from the passenger seat.

“The results of the test drive underscore our piloted driving competency”, said Professor Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi board member for technical development. Audi is displaying the best of its self-driving car tech at the CES show, which is running all this week. Take a look at this self-driving Audi in action in the video above.

Video: Youtube / YouCar

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