Sebastien Vettel takes the new LaFerrari Aperta for a drive

Being a Formula 1 driver for Ferrari looks like a pretty brilliant gig. Not only do you get to race for a team with more heritage than the rest of the grid combined, you also get access to some of the finest, most sought-after machinery on the road.

Sebastien Vettel gives us another reason to be jealous in this new promotional video for the LaFerrari Aperta. Meaning ‘open’ in Italian, it’s the name given to the Italian manufacturer’s convertible hypercar.

Here, four-time F1 world champion Vettel gets to take the high performance hybrid for a quick blast on road and track. The electric motor is purely there to boost performance and does little to dampen the incredible sound of the V12 internal combustion engine it’s mated to.

The video gives a nice nod to Ferrari’s racing history by showing its historic racers in the reflections of shop windows, sunglasses and a tanker.


Darren Cassey


November 14, 2016

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