School children stand up to speeders

March 10, 2014 | By | In News

Primary school children in Essex have joined forces with Police to tackle the menace of motorists speeding outside their school gates.

Hatfield Peverel Junior School, situated just outside Chelmsford, was the site of a Police spot check last Tuesday, dubbed ‘school speed watch’.

In total, 18 motorists were stopped for exceeding the 30mph limit by 5mph or more.


motorists were stopped after speeding past the school gates

PC Deborah Gray, who conducted the spot check, said: “All of the drivers were taken to a 'Community Wheels' trailer where they were educated by the children in the form of a question and answer session lasting about 10 minutes,” reported the Essex Chronicle.

"At first I was quite disappointed to note that most of the offending drivers lived locally and so would have known that the school was on this road,” she continued.

"But it was very heartening that when we spoke to them after the session with the children they said it had really brought it home to them that these children could be their own children and grandchildren and one driver was moved to tears.”

PC Gray also stated that a number of motorists were initially quite angry about having been pulled over, but quickly appreciated the consequences of their actions when confronted by the children themselves.

Police officers also conducted a road safety workshop at a local village hall, in which children and parents were given advice about staying safe on the roads, particularly on the way to and from school.

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