Sat-nav almost sends family into river

April 15, 2013 | By | In News

A British family narrowly avoided being swept away after blindly following sat-nav directions to the banks of a swollen river.

Micheal Sullivan, his wife Tania and their ten children were on-board the family minibus attempting to reach their holiday stopover in Italy, when he drove onto a dirt track on the device's instruction.

Despite driving for several miles on the rock-strewn track, the Sullivans didn't twig that something had gone wrong, only realising when they saw the fast-moving water in front of them.

Attempting to get his family out of danger, Mr Sullivan then got his minibus stuck in thick mud in his haste to reverse.

The family were finally rescued by Italian police some three hours later. Despite tracking the stricken family relatively quickly via their mobile phone, the isolated location meant rescuers took some time to arrive.

The family were eventually towed from the mud by a pair of specialist 4×4 vehicles.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mr Sullivan said: "Looking back at it now it was quite funny but at the time it was quite scary as we didn't know how we were going to get out of there.

"We had just done ten miles of winding mountain roads which we were glad to see the back off when the sat nav told us to turn back on ourselves which I thought was odd but I did as it said and we ended up going down quite a steep track.

"It was all cut up and littered with rocks – it certainly wasn't a road – and at the end was this river which was going quite quick and that's when I knew something wasn't quite right and I started to get worried as didn't know how we would get out."

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