Safety kit shows road ahead on back of HGVs

June 17, 2015 | By | In News, Video

HGVs may be blamed for dozens of crashes with other motorists, but new technology from Samsung could mean that these excuses are a thing of the past – with a view of the road ahead being displayed on the back of the HGV’s trailer.

Samsung has fitted its lorries in Argentina – a country with many hundreds of miles of single carriageway roads where countless car drivers attempt dangerous overtakes to get past HGVs – with TV screens, so that following drivers can see the road ahead, and decide when – and when not – to overtake.

This simple solution features a wireless camera fitted to the front of the lorry that sends a feed to a screen on the back of the lorry trailer. This kit may be on trial currently, but there’s no reason why it couldn’t be quickly rolled out onto lorries around the world if it proves effective.

This tech is currently being trialled in South America. We wait to see if this tech is rolled out across lorries around the world…

                Video: Leo Burnett

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