Rural speed limits quietly cut

May 17, 2010 | By | In News

Motoring groups are warning drivers to be aware that speed limits in certain rural areas have been quietly cut by 10 miles per hour.

Approximately 50,000 miles of country road has been reviewed and councils across the country have reduced the limits of around half of these roads in conjunction with new guidelines issued from the Department of Transport.

The most popular areas where speed limits have been cut down to 20 miles per hour are near schools and in built-up residential areas.

Many villages have also had their speed limits reduced to 30 miles per hour, welcomed by safety groups who have highlighted that rural through roads can be tight and without pavements.

The changes have been met with mixed reviews – a spokesman for Sussex Police commented that the reductions had caused “inconsistency and confusion’, and suggested other measures should have been considered. Claire Armstrong of Safespeed added the new speed limits would result in ‘frustration, inattention and tailgating’. Road safety group Brake have supported the changes stating that main through roads can be ‘lethal’ due to high speeds and the fact that these type of roads have no pavements.

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