Rise in independent electric car servicing

August 18, 2015 | By | In News

A report has found that an increasing amount of independent garages and workshops are carrying out routine services and inspections on hybrid, electric and alternatively fuelled vehicles.

The facts and figures, acquired by Autodata, reported that access to data relating to models in the alternatively fuelled vehicle sector has increased by 104% over the last quarter.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders recently announced that there has been a 58.6% rise in the sales of electric vehicles in 2015 in comparison to last year.

Rod Williams, Autodata chief executive, told TyrePress: “If you look back historically at emerging technologies, such as TPMS and diesel particulate filters, these were all things that workshops were reluctant at first to touch but have now become part and parcel of an independent’s offerings.”

“It appears that AFV’s (alternatively fuelled vehicles) are moving this way, and as with all the above technologies, Autodata is committed to respond to the market to ensure independents can always capitalise on new opportunities.”

The Institute of the Motor Industry also reported an increase in the amount of independent garages attending hybrid awareness courses that provide technicians with the knowledge on how to deal with eco models. It also provides a qualification.

Williams went on to say: “It is encouraging to see a number of garages take a proactive step to actively accept jobs on alternatively fuelled vehicles. In the past there has often been a misconception about the ability of independents to carry out routine servicing and repairs on hybrids.”

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