Renault Zoe in real-life Scalextric

December 19, 2013 | By | In News, Video

Renault has claimed to have transformed the city of London into a full-size Scalextric track to race a pair of electric Zoe EV models round British landmarks, in a newly released video.

The French carmaker recreated and placed a 1.9-mile course, consisting of 572 pieces of track, in central London to promote the handling of their latest electric model.

Two lucky winners of a Facebook competition got the once in a lifetime opportunity to pilot the Zoes from the skies in a helicopter using nothing more than a remote control.

Renault UK Marketing Director, Phil York, said: “We really wanted to create something attention-grabbing for our electric vehicle range.”

Engineers customised the ZOE’s undercarriage including the fitting of specially designed braids to keep the vehicles on the track, as a method of mimicking the real-life scalextric models.

The bold marketing initiative is a bit left-field, but it certainly achieves its objective of grabbing peoples’ attention.

Even so, the amusement of the EVs whizzing round Big Ben, the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament is to be admired.

Whether Renault really created a 1.9 mile, full-size scalextric track in central London is doubtful, but it doesn't make the footage any less entertaining to watch. Click play above and enjoy.

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