Recalled cars could be banned from UK roads

Cars recalled by manufacturers and not repaired could be banned from the roads following the Vauxhall Zafira fire scandal.

According to The Times, more than one million vehicles are still on UK roads despite drivers being warned about the safety of their vehicles.

MPs from the Transport Select Committee have now raised concerns about the issue and cars with such major faults could automatically fail their MOT if drivers do not have their vehicle repaired.

MPs have also said that MOT reminders could also be updated to include information about recalls.

The issue has been raised because despite people generally being notified that their car has been recalled, they still ignore the reminders and drive their car on the road.

Motoring magazine Auto Express carried out an investigation earlier this year that found 2.2 million cars were affected by the 10 most serious recalls in the past four years.

However, less than 47.7 per cent of those cars were actually taken to a garage, meaning a majority are still on the roads without the important repair work having been carried out.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency also released figures earlier this year about recalls. In April, it reported the worst brand for recalls was BMW, which had to recall more than 227,849 3 Series, 5 Series and X5 models over concerns about an airbag fault.

However, despite such a large number of cars being recalled, only 1.5 per cent of them were actually fixed. The rest remain on UK roads with the fault.

MPs have also recommended that to curb the issue incentives should be brought in to encourage people to comply with safety recalls.

Aidan Rennie-Jones


November 3, 2017

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