RAC reports alarming rise in driver DIY bodges

November 13, 2009 | By | In News

Hard-up motorists try dodgy repairs – and put themselves at risk, says rescue organisation.

‘Bodge it and go’ repairs are on the rise as recession-hit motorists strive to save cash. The RAC reports that its patrols have uncovered some alarming amateur repairs on cars they’re called to work on.

Here are just some:

A driver who put the wrong type of fuel in his car by mistake, then drilled a hole in the tank to drain it. He then used an ordinary screw and washer in an attempt to seal it.

Another, a builder by trade, who kept the front grille on his car lace using plastering tape.

Drivers who wired electric gadgets directly from the battery, without fuses to protect them.

Car owners who incorrectly and illegally mixed wheel and tyre sizes.

The RAC says its own research shows that close in one in four car owners would now attempt to save money by making their own repairs – whether they knew how to fix cars or not.

This is pushing up the number of callouts the RAC attends by 7500 a month. Despite this, one in seven drivers are thinking of reducing their level of breakdown cover and one in eight are considering cancelling their recovery membership altogether.

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