Premier League: 5 Flashy Cars

September 7, 2012 | By | In News

With the football season back into full swing, and overpaid players resuming their normal service of diving about and acting like spoiled brats, we have to ask what are some of the more outlandish purchases that said overpaid players make with their piles of money? Here are a few cars that simply scream “more money than sense”.

Stephen Ireland’s Range Rover

It’s a common sight on the school run; a small child staring out wide-eyed from the comparatively cave-like surroundings of an SUV, as their parent dashes to get them 300 yards down the road. This photograph of Stephen Ireland driving a Range Rover with the most ill-advised customisation ever evokes a similar image, only this time it’s the 5 foot 8 midfielder driving the near-monster truck himself.

Mercedes McLaren SLR

This car is a rather popular choice among Britain’s sporting elite, with at least three pro footballers having been in possession of one. William Gallas of Arsenal, along with former teammate at Chelsea Calude Makelele have both been spotted driving this nice little number around London, while controversial journeyman striker El Hadji Diouf also owns one with a rather overly flashy chrome job.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

This top of the line Roller was previously David Beckham’s pride and joy – earlier this year he decided to upgrade to a Ghost and so parted ways with the vehicle, making back a quarter of a million dollars. He’d spent much more than this amount just customising the vehicle with blacked-out windows and 24-inch alloys.

Jeep Wrangler

Another one for the prized collection of a certain Mr. Beckham – this one for dropping the kids off at school during wartime in Los Angeles. Of course it isn’t wartime, so why does one really need such a vast vehicle? They do like everything bigger in America though, don’t they?

Lamborghini Gallardo

Apparently one of each is owned by Manchester United teammates Wayne Rooney and Nani – down to either a friendly rivalry or a bulk discount. Only 250 of these are said to exist in the world, but at a cost of £150,000 each it’s not as if they’d be racing off the forecourts anyway. 

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