Porsche not to develop self-driving cars

February 4, 2016 | By | In News

The boss of German carmaker Porsche has announced that the marque will not follow in the footsteps of rivals such as Audi to venture into autonomous vehicle technology.

Porsche chief executive Oliver Blume told the Westfalen-Blatt newspaper that his company had no need to team up with any technology companies, commenting: "One wants to drive a Porsche by oneself. An iPhone belongs in your pocket, not on the road.”

?His comments come shortly after the reveal of Porsche’s new 911, which is the first of the brand’s models to feature Apple’s CarPlay system, allowing drivers to connect their iPhones to an interactive dashboard-mounted screen.

Blume is also reported to have told the German media that plug-in hybrid version of the infamous sports car would go on sale as early as 2018.

Porsche is not alone in shunning self-driving vehicles. Lamborghini, owned by Volkswagen, has expressed similar sentiments.

A number of other carmakers, including BMW, Mercedes and Ford and internet giant Google are continuing to develop the technology, with the aim of making fully autonomous vehicles available to consumers by 2020.

Porsche is also working on a 600hp all-electric sports car which when it goes on sale in 2020 will compete with electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla. Currently a concept named the Mission E, the company expects to spend €1bn (£761.3m) on production facilities to bring it to reality.

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