Parking tickets issued every four seconds

April 15, 2014 | By | In News

Local councils have generated £255million from parking fines over the last year, according to new research from Churchill Car Insurance.

In total 7.8 million tickets were handed to motorists in the UK – an average of one every four seconds.

The top ten worst councils for parking tickets in the country were all in London with Westminster City pocketing £24 million from 455,390 tickets last year. It was followed by Newham council, which issued 186,414 tickets.

The worst outside of London was Cardiff, with 56,766 issued in 2013.

A total of £255million was raised in parking fines in the UK last year

Anger has risen from suspicion that CCTV cameras are being used illegally to catch drivers out. Big Brother Watch, a civil liberties group, has published a report today showing that £311million was generated in parking fines from CCTV cameras alone in the past five years.

The report also shows a massive 90 per cent of fines generated through the use of CCTV cameras is from London boroughs.

This works out as an average of around 23,000 tickets from each town hall, with only around seven per cent being successfully challenged.

Big Brother Watch is now urging ministers to investigate these figures following pledges made in the Coalition Agreement by the Conservatives in opposition. They stated that CCTV should only ever be used in exceptional circumstances.

Nick de Bois MP is backing the campaign and said: “I welcome this research by Big Brother Watch, which highlights that despite this guidance and additional oversight, local authorities are continuing to use CCTV cameras for means other than public safety use,” The Sun reported.

Local Government minister, Brandon Lewis, plans to stop this: “It’s clear CCTV is being used to raise money in industrial volumes for town halls. We intended to clamp down on this clear abuse.”

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