Parking fines to get more expensive

July 9, 2013 | By | In News

Motorists could face more expensive parking tickets after the transport secretary Norman Baker announced this week that the Government was reviewing the £70 cap on fines outside of London.

The proposals come due to concerns that the current level of fines are no longer a deterrent.

A change would see a maximum penalty charge of £130.

Unsurprisingly, the announcement has angered motorists, who are already battling increased fuel and insurance costs in a bid to keep their cars on the road.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Edmund Kind, president of the AA, said: "It's hard enough at the moment for motorists to cope with the cost of fuel and insurance, just keeping the car running is a struggle for them.

"Our concern would be that local authorities become reliant on the fines as income. It becomes a method of raising revenue rather than keeping traffic flowing."

However, speaking at a meeting of the Government’s transport select committee, Mr Baker defended the proposed price hike: “There is an argument that the maximum charge has not moved in a number of years. It is coming out of line with London, where it has risen regularly under both the present and the previous Mayor.

"It can also be argued that if the cost of legitimate parking rises to such a degree that the penalty no longer becomes a deterrent then that should be looked at."

He did also concede that any rise in fines would prove unpopular amongst motorists and that it would send the wrong message, particularly in the current economic climate.

However, the proposals have the backing of both local councils and the British Parking Association, which has suggested that free parking should be minimised and charges raised every four years.

What do you think? Will a rise in parking fines stop people from parking illegally, or is it just another way for the Government to fleece the motorist? Have your say below.

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