NYC cyclist highlights bikers’ plight

October 8, 2013 | By | In News

It’s fair to say the relationship between motorists and cyclists has never been an easy one. Our crowded isle often sees rush hour disputes, with those on two-wheels accusing their four-wheeled counterparts of bullying tactics, and drivers getting vexed at being held up by a solitary pedal-pusher with no room to overtake.

Over in America, cyclists have it just as tough. Aside from having to share road space with oversized SUVs, they have to put up with a car-loving culture that sees them firmly relegated in the highway pecking order.

In congested New York City, things – for one cyclist at least – have reached breaking point. Having been given a ticket for not riding in the cycle-lane (not a crime, as it transpires) in the city’s crackdown on cycling regulation flouters, Manhattan resident Casey Neistat has taken to the streets to bring attention to the plight of bike users in the city.

His plan is a simple one: violently crash into everything that is blocking his path in a cycle lane. Taking out everything from rubbish bins, road works and even a police car, Neistat’s humerous short video attempts to highlight the bias in favour of motorists in New York’s road policing policy.

Neistat has also created other videos attempting to tackle the difficult social issues facing New Yorkers, including a tongue-in-cheek educational video on the dangers of texting while walking, which are available to watch on his YouTube channel.

Have you been affected by blocked cycle lanes in the UK? What do you think can be done to better manage road space in favour of both motorist and cyclists? Have your say below.

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