Nissan strategy re-think if Britain leaves EU

November 8, 2013 | By | In News

The CEO of Nissan has intimated that he may reconsider his company’s position in the Britain if the UK decides to pull out of the European Union.

Carlos Ghosn, one of the best-known car company CEOs in the world, was asked how his company would react if a referendum proposed by the Tories for 2017 resulted in a UK exit.

“If anything has to change, we [would] need to reconsider our strategy and our investments for the future,” he told BBC News

Ghosn was asked the question while visiting Nissan’s Sunderland plant, where the company new Qashqai model, unveiled yesterday, will be built.

His response suggests that Nissan could consider reducing investment at the plant were the UK to withdraw from the EU.

However, Ghosn added that the plant’s closing was unlikely, reasoning that it’s one of the most productive in Europe. He also said that Nissan was “blessed” to own it.

Ghosn has intimated that Nissan might pull out of Sunderland before.

In 2002, he suggested that the plant might face an uncertain future if the UK did not join the Euro

However, since then, the UK has retained the pound, and there has been no sign of Nissan closing down the operation, or making significant portions of its 6,500 staff redundant.

The Sunderland plant has often been held up as one of the success stories of Britain’s motor manufacturing industry.

The decision to build the next Qashqai at the plant has been seen as a huge boost for the local economy, bringing an extra £125 million investment and resulting in the creation of 2,000 new jobs.

Image: Nissan

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