New York debut for new Rolls-Royce Ghost

April 17, 2014 | By | In News

The latest British offering to be unveiled at this week’s New York Motor Show is the Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II.

Rolls-Royce has called this a ‘subtle re-design’ of its entry-level model, and explained that the defining principle when designing the Ghost was, “to harness the power of simplicity. The notion that no complication should ever distract from driver or passenger pleasure, informed every facet of the design and engineering process.”

The Ghost has proved to be the most popular car in its price bracket and earned the Goodwood based company four consecutive sales records.

The Ghost currently starts at just over £200,000

The description for the Ghost Series II reads like a premium estate agent listing. Featuring a one-touch call button, also known as the Spirit of Ecstasy Controller, the user can make calls, use video-conferencing, check their email and watch television – making the back seat an executive workspace.

The seats are even gently angled towards each other so passengers can communicate more easily. Plus they have been redesigned for extra comfort and even include electronically adjustable thigh supports. Everything has been thought of when it comes to what Rolls-Royce is calling an “oasis of calm in a busy connected world”.

On the face of it, the Series II looks very similar to the old Ghost. There are some very subtle changes; the bumpers have been re-sculptured, making the car look wider and more imposing.

The lights, which are now LED units, have been re-profiled for a new look and are surrounded by daytime running lights. Rolls-Royce has also replaced the automatically dipping full beam with new glare-free technology which deflects light when a car approaches so oncoming drivers are not dazzled.

When it comes to the drive, owners can expect the same high quality refinement from the V12, 563bhp engine as with any Roller. However, Ghost II customers will be able to choose a Dynamic Driving Package, which promises a more involved driving experience.

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