New Year’s driving resolutions

December 30, 2015 | By | In News

For most people, New Year’s resolutions usually fall flat after a couple of weeks. Those strict new diet and exercise regimes start off so well but inevitably fall by the wayside. However, why not make a more practical and realistic resolution this year and commit to improving your car maintenance and driving? We’ve come up with five resolutions to ensure your car and driving remain in tip top condition this New Year and help you save some money too.    

1. Keep your car clean

It’s a job everyone says they will do at the weekend and then they never quite get round to doing it. Cleaning your car thoroughly every few weeks will benefit its overall condition. By leaving your car dirty and unclean for lengthy periods, you are causing it to be more susceptible to rust and potentially causing serious damage. Rust can lead to problems with the car’s engine and exhaust, which will be expensive to repair. By keeping your car clean and maintaining its good condition, these issues will be prevented. Plus, it will make it more pleasing to drive in and attractive to look at. 

2. Learn how to change a tyre

Knowing how to change a tyre is an invaluable life skill which many drivers don’t know how to do. Whether you find yourself in a situation with a flat tyre or are acting as the good samaritan for someone else with one, it is something that will undoubtedly be useful to you at some point. It will save you helplessly sitting on the side of the road whilst waiting for breakdown assistance and prove particularly useful when driving in areas with poor mobile signal where calling for assistance may be an issue.

3. Be more fuel efficient 

Being more fuel efficient will not only help to save your wallet, but also the environment. Therefore you can treat this as tackling two resolutions if you are trying to become more eco-friendly and save money. Here are some simple tips to help you to do this:

• Accelerate gently

• Maintain a steady speed

• Anticipate traffic

• Avoid high speeds

• Coast to decelerate

All of these tips will help reduce your fuel consumption and cut down those far too frequent trips to the petrol station! 

4. Check your tyres regularly

Checking your tyres regularly is something a lot of drivers either don’t know how to or just don’t do, however, it is something every driver should be doing. Checking the pressure and tread depth on your tyres is extremely important in order to drive safely and can save you money in the long-term. A regular check will help avoid three points on your license and a maximum £2,500 fine for having tyres worn beyond the legal minimum limit. Having the correct pressure and tread depth on your tyres will help you to drive more safely and can also assist to the previous resolution of being more fuel efficient. For more information on tyre pressures go to         

5. Correct your bad habits

Over time, a lot of driver’s standards can begin to slip. Being an experienced driver doesn’t necessarily mean being a better driver. Experienced drivers can tend to become over confident or complacent and make basic mistakes. They may not be major acts that obviously break the law but more careless things such as not checking mirrors and not signalling. Although they may seem harmless, it only takes a small lapse of judgement to cause them to become serious. These bad habits may develop consciously or unconsciously but can ultimately lead to an accident and are easily correctible by remembering what you learnt on your driving lessons and driving more carefully. By correcting these you’ll be making the roads safer and be a more responsible driver, a perfect way to start the New Year!

Happy New Year from everyone at!

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