New super-trap speed cameras coming to UK

October 19, 2009 | By | In News

New super cameras are being tried out in France – and the UK will be next to get them.  

A new breed of ‘super-trap’ speed cameras could soon be coming to the UK. The Daily Mail reports that the new cameras don’t flash and are harder than the present yellow-painted cameras to spot because they are painted grey and look just like steel posts by the road-side. They are also capable of distinguishing between a speeding lorry and a car and of operating across several lanes of a motorway at once. That’s bad news for lorry drivers, who are often subject to stricter limits but can’t be caught for speeding unless they exceed the maximum for cars travelling on the same road.

The new camera (pictured left) was developed in France where it is undergoing tests. It is understood that the French government plans to introduce it within a year and that the UK will follow within a few months. The news has been greeted with dismay by motoring groups, worried that these new cameras will be more about fining motorists than encouraging them to drive more slowly.

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