Never miss a vehicle MOT again

Forgetting to take your car for its annual MOT could become a thing of the past.

The news follows the announcement that the government plans to launch a text message alert service that will notify people of public services.

The automated system, Notify, is similar to those used by online retailers such as Amazon and Ocado to inform shoppers of deliveries.

Thanks to the new system, motorists will be notified of their vehicle’s MOT renewal date by text message. But it won’t stop there; Notify will also alert members of the public when student finance applications are being processed, updates on credit ratings and voter registration applications.

The system is being introduced as part of a digital effort from the Cabinet Office to cut costs by digitalising more government operations and will be trialled by several selected public services next month, after government IT staff bring it into beta mode.

According to The Telegraph, departments will have the ability to sign up as they wish – Consolidating the way each of them contacts the public is expected to reduce communication expenses.

In fact, the Government Digital Service (GDS) is expected to save £1.3bn over the current Parliament and, according to a Cabinet Office spokesman, Notify will account for most of the £600m spent on digital communications.

Photo: Fotolia

Sophie Williamson Stothert


January 6, 2016

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