Mum vs Dad

When taking a trip with the kids in the car, whether it’s a quick trip to the supermarket or a long journey to visit relatives, mums and dads will usually have a say in which one gets the car keys. If both parents are capable drivers then it shouldn’t matter which one makes the journey – and recent surveys have revealed that kids remain torn when trying to choose their favourite.

An RAC survey conducted late last year of 1,000 kids between five and seven found that dad was the better driver – but it was a close one, with 45% picking mum as the more able driver compared to dad’s 51%. When parking the car, the young backseat drivers featured in the survey favoured their father’s abilities too; with almost three in five believing the male parent to be the better parker.

However, mums know best when it comes to being more fun during a journey, with a score nearly two-to-one against their lesser half. They are more sociable than the dads, and can even be entertaining during the trip according to those surveyed.

When asked about their parents’ bad habits behind the wheel, many took exception to the musical tastes and abilities of their chauffeurs, with 43% unhappy with the choice of music on the car radio and another 34% taking exception to the driver’s loud and out-of-tune singing. Some of the children were also shocked by parents’ anger towards other drivers – 21% are subjected to their mothers and fathers shouting abuse at other cars, while mothers are 20% more likely to use bad language in front of their children – and assumedly asked not to repeat what they heard in front of polite company!

About the survey, an RAC rep had this to say: “Having focused on children in our latest advert, we wanted to find out a bit more about their experiences of motoring, and now we've established once and for all who kids really want in the driver's seat.

“We all have fond memories of family car journeys as children, and long drives are actually a great opportunity for families to spend time together.”

Sarah Lingard


March 7, 2013

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