Motorists jailed in driving licence scam

May 24, 2013 | By | In News

11 motorists have been sentenced for perverting the course of justice after taking part in an illegal driving licence scam in Liverpool.

Corrupt officials at Dale Street magistrates’ court offered motorists the opportunity to remove endorsements from their licences at a rate of £100 per penalty point.

After the cash was paid, forms were sent from the court to the DVLA, illegally requesting that convictions be deleted.

Running for six years, the scam was said to be an open secret in the city’s pubs and meant many drivers avoided disqualification when they would have otherwise been banned.

Liverpool court worker David Kelly denied running the scheme at Preston crown court.

Jonathan Sandiford, prosecuting, said: “The Crown says that the person responsible for this dishonest scheme was David Kelly, who was a member of staff at Liverpool magistrates’ court.

“Kelly disputes that assertion and the case against him is to be the subject of a trial later in the year.

“The Crown’s case against the defendants before the court today is that they were customers of the dishonest scheme, who paid money to have convictions and penalty points removed from their driving licences.”

The convicted motorists were handed sentences ranging from 4-16 months.

Passing sentence, Judge Graham Knowles, QC, said: “Somebody was running a corrupt business from Dale Street, bypassing justice after everyone thought it had been done.

“You all knew that there had to be a corrupt official to tamper with your records. There had to be to make the scheme work.

"You were joining yourselves to a widespread organisation and lining the pockets of a corrupt public official.

“You thought the law did not apply to you and you could buy off justice with corruption.”

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