UK motorists are being advised to plan their journeys in the car abroad this summer after one in three admitted to getting lost on foreign roads.

UK Carline has also found in a new survey that one in four Brits have driven on the wrong side of the road on holiday and 19 per cent mistake KPH for MPH – putting other drivers’ safety at risk.

Here is how motorists can drive safely and successfully abroad this summer:

  •      Be prepared – When driving in most countries, you will need to keep a series of documents on you at all times – these include the original of your V5c, motor insurance certificate, travel insurance documents, any International Driving Permits that might be required. You will also be required to have your passport on you at all times as well.
  •      Know the rules – Currently leasing your vehicle? With a few exceptions, almost all leased cars can be driven in Europe. However, you will need to notify the funder and arrange for them to send you a completed DVLA VE103 form as proof of their authority to take a leased vehicle abroad.
  •      Have the right kit – From breathalyser kits to reflective jackets some countries require you to have certain equipment in your car and it often differs to what is required in the UK.
  •      Take it slow – It’s easy to get stressed behind the wheel, especially when you’re driving somewhere unfamiliar or on a completely different side of the road than what you’re used to. Go at your own pace and stick to the slow lane of the dual carriageway or motorway until you’re feeling more confident.
  •      Map it out – With a third of drivers confessing to getting lost abroad, a GPS and map will prove invaluable. In addition to following your Sat Nav, make yourself familiar with your route ahead of time to avoid any surprises once on the road, and make sure your Sat Nav has been updated with any new roads or routes.

Commenting on the research, Jonathan Nolan, general manager at UK Carline, said: “We were astounded to discover how many British motorists commit basic driving blunders on foreign roads.

“While it is nice to daydream and get carried away with the more pleasurable side of our summer holidays, it is really important to take ten minutes to brush up on the basic motoring laws and rules of the road for the country you are visiting. Ensuring you get to grips with the local driving laws before you go and taking it slow once behind the wheel will reduce the chances of committing driving mishaps.”

James Ash


Content Marketing Executive at

August 3, 2017

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