Motorist proposes with speeding ticket

January 28, 2015 | By | In News

When Christian Breier was challenged by his girlfriend to come up with a cool way to pop the question, he certainly used his imagination.

Using a speed camera and a home-made sign, he made sure his proposal of marriage was delivered to his partner by driving too fast past the device, on the outskirts of Leipzig in Germany, thus incurring a penalty notice.

When the document was delivered to the couple's home, Christian's girlfriend, identified only as Anja, opened it to see him clearly pictured holding the sign. And the local authority had even helped things along by blowing the normally small image up to A4 size especially.

The sign bore the words 'Willst du mich hearten?' – which, needless to say, means 'will you marry me?' when translated into English.

Christian, 31, told Germany's Bild newspaper that he put a lot of effort into making the stunt work successfully, driving past the camera several times before the device was triggered. He didn't want to go too quickly, however, as German speeding penalties escalate the faster a driver is going.

Twenty-nine-year-old Anja told reporters: "We had spoken about marriage before. And I told him he'd have to think of a cool way of proposing."

We think he did just that… we'd heard of speed-dating before reading this story, but never a speed marriage proposal!

And incidentally, Christian's efforts paid off – Anja said yes.

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