Metropolitan Police release ‘Little Guide’ to online shopping

The Metropolitan Police is set to publish the latest of its ‘Little Guide’ animated videos, which are designed to raise awareness around fraud, and how to avoid it.

The latest video in the series of informative animations covers online shopping fraud, a prominent issue in general, and one that can also affect car buyers across the country.

The video comes from the Metropolitan Police Service’s FALCON (Fraud and Linked Crime Online) department. In the video, a stick figure is educated on the many ways that online shopping can lead to fraud, and taught several ways to make sure all purchasing is done safely in the digital marketplace.

Examples include using a reputable payment platform, or the built-in payment system of the online store you’re using, rather than paying for goods by direct bank transfer before you receive them.

In London alone, some 7,000 people fell victim to Online Shopping Fraud in 2017. The total loss to London residents in the last financial year came in at £8.3m, with the average victim losing £1,200. This is a 14 per cent increase over the year prior.

Earlier in the year, detective chief inspector Gary Miles of the Met’s Operation FALCON said: “While the monetary value of many online shopping frauds may be relatively low, some of them can be thousands of pounds. This can be devastating for victims.

“The Met is working with online shopping sites to identify fraudulent sellers and this prevention campaign is supported with enforcement activity when the fraud is reported to us.”

The video on online shopping fraud joins similar materials covering issues such as Payment Fraud, Computer Software Service Fraud and more. These, and other resources created by the FALCON team, can be found here.

Ted Welford


October 11, 2018

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