McLaren has confirmed it will unveil a new car at the end of June, and has released a brief teaser of the upcoming machine.

While McLaren has been very brief with the details of the new vehicle, which is set to be publicly unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, what is known is that the car will be the fifth car to be announced as part of its Track22 business plan and will have “track-focused” dynamics.

This second teaser of the more hardcore car shows a pair of top-exit exhausts, similar to those used across the McLaren range, but noticeably similar to those of the firm’s track-focused 675LT special edition. The first teaser – pictured below – was issued last week as a partial view of the car’s rear.

The firm has said that the new model will benefit from “increased power, minimised weight, optimised aerodynamics and enhanced driver engagement”, although this gives little away.

What’s interesting, though, is that McLaren draws similarities to its Senna – the company’s most recent unveil which is well and truly a race car for the road.

McLaren said: “And like the Senna, it will be limited to the few”.

It’s highly likely the car will be a vehicle based on the 570S – as can be seen in the first teaser showing the 570S’ distinctive rear lights, as well as a carbon-fibre diffuser. A long tail (LT) version seems likely, given McLaren has mentioned before that it want to build LT versions of most cars in its range.

Images of the car, and its name, will be revealed in two weeks’ time on June 28. It will make its public unveil at the Festival of Speed, held between July 12 and 15.

Ted Welford


June 14, 2018

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