Man pimps his ride with household waste

June 6, 2013 | By | In News

In this age of spiraling fuel prices and environmental concern, many cars sell themselves as frugal and clean, with fuel economy and CO2 emissions the primary concerns for cost conscious motorists.

Few, however, can boast to recycle household waste, like this Leicester based one-off, called The Cosmotron.

It’s the brainchild of car enthusiast Paul Bacon, who, having taken the chassis of an old BMW Z3 roadster as a base, garnished his outlandish creation with rubbish, including bottle caps on the front grille and a steering wheel that uses parts of a firework rocket.

It isn’t just the bodywork either, with the top if the six-cylinder engine – which sticks up out of the bonnet – decorated with salt and pepper pots.

The rest of the car is a far more serious proposition, being largely constructed from fibreglass matting.

And, despite the retro-spaceship styling, The Cosmotron has all the mod-cons you’d expect from a new car, including air conditioning, power steering and electric windows.

It’s quick, too. With a 2.8-litre motor, it will reach a top speed of 140mph. Though quite what it feels like sat inside that flimsy dome at such speeds, we shudder to think.

The Cosmotron is fully road legal and is currently available to hire for use at events.

Picture:Andy Willsheer/Rex Features

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